Putting Together Pre-Generated Characters

By Kane Driscol

I don’t often use Pre-Generated characters in regular games. They’re kind of reserved for introducing new players or running games at conventions. But sitting down to put these characters together is exciting because it’s an open playground. I can really do whatever I want.

As I demonstrated in the video, I didn’t follow the standard process of creating a character. I made things up as I went. All I focused on was my three rules of thumb as I looked for characters that I thought would be fun to play.

  1. Keep Them Brief
  2. Pull From Anywhere
  3. You Don’t Have to Follow the Rules

Keep Them Brief

Pre-generated characters are meant to help players jump right into the game. Not hold them back. They may still be learning the rules or there may be limited time, so brevity really pays dividends here. Everything I put down on the character sheet is most a prompt. Enough details to get the point across but I don’t explain every detail. That’s my job as the GM.

If players have questions about any of their abilities, I can step in and help them through it. If they don’t have any questions, I don’t have to worry about it and I can move on with the rest of the game.

Pull From Anywhere

I could absolutely roll up a set of characters using the standard character creation process and exactly what’s prescribed in the book…but why? I can do what I want! These characters can have items, abilities, and spells that are sourced from any system, setting, or idea that I’m comfortable with. Even outside of ICRPG if that sparks your imagination.

I mean why couldn’t a character have something similar to what’s in Viking Death Squad, Mouse Guard, or You Are a Muffin (yes, that’s a real RPG)? If you’re comfortable with a player having something, you can drop it on their sheet. You’re in control.

You Don’t Have to Follow the Rules

And because you’re in control, you can follow or break any rules you want. Characters don’t have to have 10 points distributed among their stats. It could be 13 or 25 or 4. There could be items that ignore things and abilities that alter whatever you want. Yes, you want to pay attention to make sure that no character is outshining another at the table, but that’s part of managing a table in general.

You are at full liberty to have fun with it. Most of these pregens are designed for one-shots so what harm can be done? Nothing more than what players normally do with our games. Anyway enough of my rambles.

If you want to check out these characters, download them below and let me know what you think or if you use them in a game. You can also grab templates in various formats. Hopefully, they work!

Download the Character Sheets

Grab the Pre-Gen Sheet Templates!

I’ve got these set up for Affinity Publisher, Photoshop, and just a blank PDF in case you want to print them out.

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