The Bridge of Frost Trial

By Kane Driscol

Atop the frigid peaks of the Unalaya, a singular ancient bridge spans the pass. This bridge links two opposing mountains and is a seldom-used path between Grey and Gwandan. Unfortunately, it is constantly patrolled by formidable Snow Orgres who guard it with unwavering determination. Your party finds itself approaching this perilous span and, having already come this far, is determined to cross the Frostbridge, hopefully evading detection or confrontation.


Create a character in Alfheim and overcome all 3 Obstacles. If you are killed or captured by the Snow Ogres, they’ll be picking you out of their teeth for weeks.

Treacherous Climb [10]

The path leading up to the Frostbridge is treacherous. Narrow ledges are covered in layers of ice and snow drifts hide hazardous drop-offs. Work together to cover the FAR distance, making a check each ROUND, before the Snow Ogres return to the bridge in 4 ROUNDS. A failed roll results in a character handing by a hand, and needing a successful STR or DEX to pull themselves up.

Snow Ogre Patrol [11]

As you progress across the bridge, the heavy footfalls of an approaching Snow Ogre patrol become unmistakable. You must swiftly find cover or employ stealth to elude their watchful gaze. Together you must complete 1 HEART of Stealth Effort to remain concealed. A failure will lead to detection by the patrol.

Blizzard Distraction [12]

Suddenly, an unexpected blizzard descends upon you, shrouding the entire bridge in a whirling snow. This extreme weather condition can either be advantageous or perilous. Decisions must be made: use the blizzard as cover to continue moving quietly or exploit the chaos to create diversions. Find a way to the FAR side of the bridge. For each turn spent, roll CON or WIS to push through the wind and snow. If it fails, run into a Snow Ogre, or worse… the edge.


Stepping off the Frostbridge, the path ahead is open. The eastern regions of Alfheim stretch out before you. What will you do next?

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