Halloween Monster and Class Challenge

By Kane Driscol

There are a lot of fun resources over on the Runehammer Forums. Stuff that players, GMs, and even Hankerin of Runehammer himself share with the community. And because it’s Halloween, I wanted to highlight these spooky paper minis.

But going a step further, let’s take this awesome art and turn them into custom monsters and custom character types that everyone could use! In the Halloween Challenge video, I gave four examples and then turned them over to the community to come up with the rest.

Baron Blood

2 Hearts / 3 Actions / +4 All Rolls

  • SLASH: Deal WEAPON to a NEAR target
  • BITE: Bite a CLOSE Target. Target makes a CON save or drop to 0 HP
  • BAT: Move anywhere within the scene, immune to melee and HARD to hit at Range. Only have 1 HEART and +1 All Rolls

I imagined that Baron Blood would be more of a hit-and-run monster as he stalks you in the woods or in his castle. A quick slash and an unexpected bite to drop a player before he flies away to let his minions finish the job. The Bite could also have some healing properties for an added challenge.

Beast of Pinewood

3 Hearts / 2 Actions / +5 EFFORT Rolls

  • RUSH: Move Double FAR in a straight line. All targets passed make a Dex save or fall prone (lose movement on their next turn)
  • MAUL: Auto-hit for DOUBLE ULT (2d12 + EFFORT), DEF save for half
  • Passive Ability: Heal 2d6 each ROUND

The Beast should be someone who can jump into the fray, take a few hits, and really tear up a team. You don’t want to stand toe to toe with this guy, but he should be hard to hit as he moves quickly through the field. For an added challenge, you could throw in a damage threshold or have him ignore the first 2-3 ranged attacks per round.

Burlap Banshee

0 Hearts / 2 Actions / +3 Stats Rolls

  • MIND TRAP: NEAR target makes WIS Save or all checks become HARD until a successful WIS check breaks the curse
  • DROWN: Automatic ULTIMATE each ROUND while MIND TRAPPED. CON save to half damage
  • Passive Ability: Immune to all damage

Without any hearts and immune to all damage, the Burlap Banshee is not someone you can just fight. She uses their psychological trauma to overwhelm those she targets. The Mind Trap and Drown abilities don’t stop players from taking their turns, but it certainly makes things a lot more difficult as they search for some key to free the Banshee. If you wanted to make it even tougher, include some kind of magic or ability nullifier.

The Woodsman

Starting Ability

  • CHOP: With a modified 15+ attack roll, drop any minion to 0 HP
  • BRACE: Once per session, ignore all damage dealt to you in a ROUND
  • RESILIENT: Ignore 1’s on your DYING TIMER

Starting Loot

  • HEAVY AXE: Add both your STR and WEAPON Bonus when rolling damage
  • IRONWOOD: Customize 1 item with Ironwood. This item cannot be broken
  • THROWING HATCHETS: A set of sturdy hatchets that can be thrown up to FAR and CLOSE Combat EASY

And those are just the first four. There are so many more terrifying characters to choose from and be inspired by. Watch the video comments for all the community contributions and download the standees over on the Runehammer Forums!

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