Disruption Worksheet

By Kane Driscol

Inspired by a thread on the Runehammer Forums, I compiled all the great advice in that conversation into a one-page summary and a simple worksheet. I was blown away by how the community was able to brainstorm through a subject as vast as Disruption. I knew it had to be documented! Plus, Disruption is such a useful tool in any GM’s toolkit that if you haven’t spent time studying it, you should!

The following list has been compiled by members of the ICRPG community as Key Disruptors or types of disruption. Simple examples have also been included to spark ideas and possibilities. These can be thrown into any encounter to add depth and tension.

Additionally, each disruption can be rated on a scale of 1 to 6, where a 1 equals low disruption and a 6 equals high disruption. This sliding scale allows you to tune a disruption’s influence on any given challenge or encounter.

To go along with the reference guide is a worksheet to practice planning disruptions and how you can implement them in your encounters.

You can set the level of disruption, write out the key mechanics, specify what types of disruptions you are implementing, and encounter examples of how you might incorporate them.

Watch My Practice Session

One of my earlier videos was taking this worksheet and practicing it a few times to develop some interesting encounters. I find it’s a great exercise to break the mold when you feel in a rut with your room designs.

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