Why/How Math Matters Workshop

By Kane Driscol

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What was this workshop about?

The idea behind this workshop was something that I have recently noticed about myself. I’ve found that when the subject of math, statistics, probability, or anything of that nature came up at the table, it kind of made me sad. My energy would dip and I just lost some enthusiasm for the game I was currently playing. But I wanted to address that.

I know that math and the statistics of what we’re doing are a part of people’s game and there are people out there who enjoy it. And they don’t deserve a lack of energy at my table because that’s just a different kind of fun than what I’d aim for.

So I brought in Chris to help me understand the math under the hood. Why is it important to consider math and how can math improve my skills as a GM? And overall, I think Chris presents a very clear case of why math is a critical tool for GMs and it’s something we should at least be considering if we’d still rather not pull out the calculator.

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