The Rig Riot in the WASTE

By Kane Driscol

What an absolute hoot this game was! The players really brought their A-game and pushed the Waste Is Not Kind to the limit. Wells, Casper, Goose, and Hatter all rolled with the punches as what started as a simple investigation turned into a mad chase through the city and a full-blown catastrophe on the brink. Just check out the escalation of scenes in my notes below.

My journal spread for the session. I think I went a little fast with my scribbles on the right page!

JD and I had a good conversation about the game afterward and what we really highlighted was that pushing Adrenaline and Madness is okay and works for games like this. Pushing the limits of the characters leads to exciting choices and genuine moments of adrenaline for us as players because our actions have weight on them. It’s addicting and makes me want to play more!

As you watch the session, see if you can spot any of the changes I made on the fly from my notes.

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