Look To Your Left Vol. 3

By Kane Driscol

It took me over a year to come back for Vol.3, but I did it! Look To Your Left continues!

This time around, I think I came in with some overconfidence because it kicked my butt. As I tried to decide what to include, how to change things and put it all together, I was constantly wracked with creative block. Compiling twelve pages shouldn’t take two months. I was finally able to get through the final stretch after bouncing ideas back and forth with JD. I can not express how crucial having trusted people around to chat with is. This project reminded me of that truth.

For this particular volume, there were two big themes that came from it. The first was expanding out from a small trial into more of a mini-adventure. I’m sure it could still be run as a trial, but Derelict Ship in Zero Gravity originates from a one-shot I ran with JD. There’s still plenty of room to fill in the blanks, but I made sure to include extra bits like mechanical details, a full monster stat block, and roll tables.

The second theme was Items. Most of the extra bits relate to loot and equipment you could drop into your game. Single Use Items and Random Tags were a ton of fun to come up with and I hope to see them crop up sometime soon. There are also the Red Dust arrows that may cause someone to gasp when they read how much damage they can do. I’ve included them in Alfmarches, and the players have been equally excited and terrified of the arrows. The risk of player and party destruction can only be justified with a big enough threat and they’re still waiting for that to come up. I just have to wait and see.

I won’t spoil everything before you’re able to pick it up, but suffice to say I’m really excited about this one. I’m really hopeful that the Look To Your Left series can be a smorgasbord of bits and bobs that at least get your brain turning. I’d love to hear how you use it in your games or what elements you really enjoy!

The series continues with more tasty tidbits and ideas for you to chew on. A little bit more adventure and a lot of attention to items. Check out things like:

  • Mini-Adventure: Derelict Ship in Zero Gravity. What starts as a lucky break to salvage an abandoned ship turns into a nightmare as players get caught in the crossfire of some mercenaries on a mission.
  • Sci-Fi Roll Tables: Meant to be included in Derelict Ship, but easily dropped in and added on for any space-faring venture.
  • Red Dust Arrows: Probably my most “OP” item to date, but are your players willing to risk carrying them?
  • Single Use Items: I find that I don’t use single-use items often enough, so how about a list of fun items to drop for players’ enjoyment?
  • Fun with Tags: A list of random tags that could spur some interesting stories
  • Stat That Monster: What will the dice inspire you to create as you stat this creepy monster?
  • Fill in the Blank Map
  • 4 art cards
  • And more!

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