Look To Your Left Vol. 2

By Kane Driscol

I wouldn’t be happy with myself if I had stopped at just one zine, and so here we are with Look to Your Left Vol. 2!

Still a collection of random resources and thoughts, I kept a few things similar and swapped them out for a few new ideas. For example, I really enjoyed writing out a simple trial to open the zine. A Temple…Or A Tomb? actually taught me a lot about reactive and competing checks when I ran it as a solo trial. JDHull also gave a great interview where we talked about his journey as a GM, player, and artist. As for the new things, the biggest one was the Gerblin Equipment.

I wasn’t expecting the Gerblin Equipment sheet to be as well received as it has been. It was a subject that came up fairly often when Goblins became an official life form because even though it was mentioned that Goblins had guns, they weren’t really found in the book. Most would suggest, including me, reskinning the Crossbow or the Ghost Mountain equipment, but for this zine, I wanted to include something specifically goblin.

Little Heat, Big Heat, Thump Guns, and Boom Tubes. A whole selection of items that are very powerful. I’ve watched them in action in Alfmarches and they hit hard, especially when combined with other abilities in ICRPG. That said, I still don’t believe anything can be “OP”, including this equipment. It just adds a challenge for GMs when players consistently have a damage spike of their own. All I know is that players generally love grabbing these when it fits their character and are terrified when they show up in the enemy’s hands.

Another twelve pages of random goodies and treats for both players and GMs. If you liked the first one, you’re sure to like the sequel! Check out things like:

  • Trial: A Temple…Or A Tomb? Explore a haunted tomb with a combination of stealth and mental prowess
  • Interview with JD. A creative confidant shares his thoughts on the game and his own process.
  • The Ratmen crew of the Black Plague pirate vessel with print-n-play paper minis! (The Chopper, Assassin, and Belcher)
  • The Golden Kiln Gate. A wonderous location that ties Skar into the dwarven mines in Duradin
  • Gerblin Equipment: An often sought-after selection of gerblin guns and tools to drop into the hands of any sharpshooting Gun Priest. These items are powerful, but don’t hesitate to modify them!
  • Stolen or Framed? Situation roll table that might get your players into trouble
  • Fill in the Blank Map
  • 4 art cards
  • And more!

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