Look to Your Left Vol. 1

By Kane Driscol

The Look to Your Left mini-zine came about for two reasons. The first is sometimes I can’t help but pick up a project when someone has a good idea. It makes for great practice to try new things. The second reason is I believe in doing stuff rather than talking about it. That is the ICRPG-way after all!

Look to Your Left is a 12-page zine filled with an assortment of ideas, conversations, and resources that you could drop into any game. Even if you’re not playing ICRPG. I wanted to share something that spurred creativity rather than producing something rigid and unflexible.

My favorite pieces are probably the interview with Skippy, the Ratmen from JD, and the Scarlet Monolith. Skippy has such thoughtful responses and JD crushed it with his Ratmen crew! I wouldn’t want to run into them out in the Waste. Eeek! As for the Scarlet Monolith, that little piece of mystery is being looked into in the Alfmarches game and I can’t wait for its history to be developed even more.

Inside is a small collection of various goodies, ideas, and resources to kick start your imagination or drop into a pre-existing game. Things like:

  • Trial: Last Stand on Old Iron Hill. Can you survive the voracious Slurper and its master?
  • Interview with Skippy. A stalwart member of the shield wall shares his thoughts
  • The Ratmen crew of the Black Plague pirate vessel with print-n-play paper minis! (The Chopper, Assassin, and Belcher)
  • The Scarlet Monolith. A legendary relic with untold magic properties and connections to the Scarlet Magi
  • Fill in the Blank Map
  • 4 art cards
  • And more!

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