Let the Torrent Flow – A Study of the Oath | Part 1

By Kane Driscol

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What was this workshop about?

The Oath. A classic piece of writing in ICRPG that comes up frequently in the public spaces of Index Card RPG. But even though there are nine principles, only a few get the attention they deserve. So I thought I’d set out in studying and discussing each principle. Hankerin discussed the whole Oath in an RPG Mainframe episode, but I wanted to focus on what my experience has been and how I’ve seen each principle in action in the community.

The first principle is “Let the Torrent Flow”. This very first principle brings the focus of creativity into the GM’s court of responsibility. The life of a dungeon master is one of new and developing ideas, so learning how to optimize our creativity is crucial. I have been greatly influenced by a discussion John Cleese presented over the years. I’d highly recommend anyone to tune into that for more clarity.

But of all the principles and methods available, when it comes to creativity, I really think “learning to play” is the key.

This is a hobby. This is playtime. But so often, we forget that. We forget to free ourselves of the expectations, limits, structures, and pressures that push us to do things correctly or to avoid mistakes. Why? Why can’t we just sit down and play with ideas? Build a monster that may or may not work, but have fun with it. Plan a dungeon that makes sense so but gets you excited about running it for your friends. We’re just playing!

Our child’s-mind craves playtime. It’s where some of the best and most creative ideas can be found. Letting the Torrent Flow is about giving ourselves permission to play with the constant flow of ideas and imaginings that are already racing around in our heads. But what do you think? How have you taken up the first principle of the GM’s Oath in your own gaming?

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