Kitbashing the Deep Dive Trial VTT Map

By Kane Driscol

Sometimes you’re not able to find the perfect piece of concept art or battle map for what you have in mind. You can either settle for something else, change what you have in mind, or build it yourself. That’s where I found myself with my upcoming Deep Dive Trial. I had a vision of what I wanted, but couldn’t find something that worked. So I’ll take that into my own hands and kitbash exactly what I need. You can watch the live stream and watch a new map form from a few simple pieces (credit goes to 2-Minute Tabletop for the source materials). Then you’ll watch it devolve into chaos as my imagination runs away with the scene!

Watch the Stream

The Deep Dive Trial

I’m still working out the details, but essentially I envisioned a reverse “This is Sparta” moment. As our heroes approach the villain who has a captive, he suddenly pushes them into a deep pit of water with a heavy weight attached, dragging them quickly below. In classic villain form, he runs off and the players have to choose: Save the wizard or catch the villain. Obviously, you save the innocent, but it won’t be that easy.

In my original doodle, I only specified the specifics of what the water challenge would be. As I built the map, I could see how there would be guards and a battle happening while the rescue is attempted. Then stuff could come out of the water, there could be sharks or snakes. All manner of disruptions and threats. It feels like it would be pretty intense!

After that first scene, it would lead to a chase or maybe a healing challenge. Maybe the villain is on some vehicle you’ve got to get onto before they escape. You then have to fight the villain up in the air or on a cliff. Who knows? I just think its fun that one little doodle turned into potentially a whole session.

My Original Doodle

End Results

Blank Map for Scene 1
Playing around with what the scene might look like.

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