Fishmen Monster Set

By Kane Driscol

Developing monsters and sets of monsters is something that pretty much happens every session for me. I’m always looking for a new collection of monsters to throw at my players which is why I think Monster Sets is such a fun concept to learn and implement.

But over the many games I’ve run, I’ve noticed trends and habits about what I include and how I work out those details. For example, instead of the classic three monsters, I usually aim for four. One for each class of monsters I include. Mooks for all the little swarm monsters. Brutes for some heavy hitters. Supports to boost and enable the set be more effective, and the Boss for that big, stomping, “Balrog-level” impact on the session.

Enough about that though. You can watch the video for my overall thoughts on how I develop those sets, and you can use the links below to download PDF versions of the single stat card and the full Monster Set Sheet. Let me know what you think and how you develop monsters for your games! I’d love to see what Monster sets you come up with.

Monster Stat Card

A single sheet for your monster. Print this out if you need to workshop and hammer out a complex single monster.

Download Monster Stat Card

Monster Set Sheet

If you’re wanting to have all of your monsters in one place, use a Monster set sheet to build them all together and have them ready to go.

Download Monster Set Sheet

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    • Sorry, I don’t have a fillable PDf. I don’t normally do fillable stuff since I’m often working straight off of Affinity Photo or I print it. Plus, I just don’t know how to set one up haha.


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