Bog of Nukes | Viking Death Squad

By Kane Driscol

I was super excited when Viking Death Squad was released after watching it develop on the Runehammer Discord, playtesting it, and seeing all the fantastic art drops. Even though I’m primarily an ICRPG player, Viking Death Squad was a chance to branch out a little more and experience a world full of grit and flavor. You can feel it the moment you pick up the book.

The Morning Crew (made up of me, JD, Skippy, and David) thought it would be fun to record a game and share it with others (this was actually my first recorded game I’ve participated in). We wanted to showcase the game in case someone had picked up the book and wished to see the game in action.

Watch the Session

JD and Skippy (David couldn’t make it) did an amazing job facing the Bog of Nukes! My favorite part was when they pulled a cart of nukes out of the muck and ran back to the Spore Tribe for help. I definitely wasn’t expecting that, but it was such a great tactic to take two groups and pit them against each other. Changed the momentum of the game, for sure!

Moreso, I really felt that Viking Death Squad naturally encourages incredibly cinematic and climactic moments. Pushing gear at key moments and watching those dice roll gives a lot of control to the players to impact the scene in big ways. Then watching your armor and gear break, especially at inopportune moments ratchets up the tension in an instant. Viking Death Squad really is its own animal and it’s awesome!

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